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I am creating a new podcast! It's called No Root, No Fruit--a history of folk, roots, & americana music--one record at a time. Each episode will feature an iconic and influential record from the genre and an interview with someone who was moved by it. It doesn't launch until mid-May, but you can stay up to date by joining the No Root, No Fruit Facebook group. Click on the button under the logo!

Click here to find a monthly community sing in the Detroit area!

Click here to find a monthly community sing in the Detroit area!

"This is what folk should be."
--Detroit Free Press

"Matt Watroba is one of those singers songwriters live for. He has terrific taste in music. possesses an outstanding voice and the ability to not only perform beautifully, but to teach audiences the songs as he sings them."

Christine Lavin


“You were wonderful! Your music and messages were just what our students needed to hear. You clearly know how to work with and relate to young people.”   

--Kathleen Kryza--Huron Valley Schools

"Matt is a perceptive and able teacher as well as a warm, supportive person. He showed us the how of community singing and the doing of it. Matt was adept at picking out teaching moments without any kind of judgement applied."

--Unsolicited comment from a student at the Swannanoa Gathering

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